In late 2016 I started this website to document my great grandmothers WWII service. It started off being a personal project and a small one at that but, when I tried researching the American Ambulance Great Britain (AAGB) I found little available information. Soon after starting this website someone made an off-hand comment that I should write a book. I started jotting down some ideas that gradually grew. On the 1st of July 2017 I traveled to London with a suitcase full of AAGB items to meet with the Chairman of The American Society in London (ASL), Raymond Colledge. We met in Grosvenor Square and spent about an hour talking about the AAGB, an organisation that he had no knowledge of despite the fact it was founded by the ASL in 1940. He agreed to write a foreword for my book and all of a sudden that off hand comment turned into a very real task. 40 pages and nine chapters later we were ready for print.

My little personal project to remember my great grandmother has turned into one to remember the whole of the AAGB and to rebuild the memory of their short but accomplished history. Lots of time and money since that day in October 2016 has gone into what you see here and all the other work in the background. Going into the future I hope that we will grow and grow until many people know about what the AAGB did in their short existence.


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  1. hi
    I am doing a little research into Austin K2Y ambulances, and i am looking for information on those that severed with the AAGB, and anywhere else,
    one thing i would like to know is if they are Austin K2Y or K2YS ( Army or Civil)

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    1. Hi Rupert,
      Until your comment I was unaware of there being a difference, I would however presume that they would have been civil versions because they were funded/ bought by American companies and then donated to the AAGB which was essentially a private company so they probably didn’t ever go into the Army. Unfortunately I haven’t been able to find many pictures of them as there weren’t that many in the AAGB however the few that I have seen seem to indicate civil as the interior of the cabs etc looks factory painted in grey as a posed to green in the army versions as in war time i doubt they would have re painted the cab green if it wasn’t essential.

      I hope some of this can help,



    2. Hi
      I run a ww2 British Red Cross nurse reenactment group and know of a few friends that own the K2 ambulances. Let me know how I can help you.


      1. Hi Amanda,
        Thanks for getting in touch, whilst there is no specific information i’m after regarding the K2’s at he moment anything that may be known about their relation to the AAGB would be greatly appreciated.
        The AAGB were funded quite largely by the American Red Cross but from my research so far it is highly plausible that they not only worked with the British Red Cross. Indeed, if you come across any reference or items etc of the AAGB whilst doing your Red Cross reenactment I would be very interested to hear about it. May I ask what the name of the croup you run is?
        Many thanks


      2. Hi
        I will certainly keep my eye out for information and I’ll ask the K2 owners if they know anything too. I know a chap in Jersey that ha’s done a lot of history on the k2s service, so I could ask him too. My group name is Southeast Reenactment Group.

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